Blue Screen of Death

Troubleshooting Blue Screen of Death
The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) occurs when there's a hardware or low level driver failure. The symptom is a blue screen and text along the top describing what core system driver failed.

A BSOD can be caused by faulty hardware or a faulty driver.

Troubleshooting Steps
  1. Run Windows update
  2. Update all system drivers (especially video drivers) to latest versions
  3. Update video drivers to WHQL Certified Drivers (these have undergone Microsoft's stability testing). Please note - these drivers can be several versions back.
  4. Make sure PC / laptop is cleaned out of dust and all vents are dust / lint free. All components of the computer should be free of dust, as dust acts as an insulator, making your computer run hotter than normal.

Scaling Back Istaria's Graphical Settings
If none of the options above resolve the BSOD issue, you can reduce Istaria's graphical settings to the minimum and play for a period of time. If the problem stops, then this will at least provide good evidence that the issue is related to heating. It's not a perfect test, though, as Istaria will run as fast as possible (to provide the highest possible frame rate) - which contributes to the heating issue. Please see the following knowledge base article for tips on adjusting graphical settings.

Troubleshooting Suggestions
  • If you've used a system optimizer to disable swapping between the kernel and the hard disk, please enable (the default setting). Some players have reported problems if kernal swapping is disabled.
  • Check your hard drive for errors or problems. Istaria makes extensive use of your hard drive and the disk activity can expose a pending hard drive failure. Please see the Microsoft web site for checking instructions:
  • If you've adjust your memory timing, video or CPU clock rate, reset to defaults. Istaria utilizes all these components at near peak levels and if your hardware is configured beyond specification, this can result in problems.

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