Clearing World Cache

There are two ways to clear your World Cache:

From the Launcher:
  1. Enter your login information and click Login
  2. Click the Troubleshoot button
  3. Check the Clear World Cache box and click Back
  4. Select a character and click Play
  5. Your cache will be deleted before Istaria loads
  1. Use File Manager to navigate to your Istaria Install folder ( "C:\Program Files\istaria\" is the default location )
  2. Open the folder named "world_cache"
  3. Delete the folder for the server you are having issues with; for example, if your character on Order is having the issues, delete the folder named "orderhorizons"
  4. Close this window and log into Istaria.

Advanced Instructions to Delete a Specific Folder

To delete a specific sector, please follow these steps. Please note that Customer Support will not be able to advise on the steps below and that these instructions are provided by the development team on request by specific players.
1. Delete the terrain files:
  1. Using file explorer, browse to c:\Program Files\istaria\world_cache\<shardname>\terrain
  2. Delete all folders matching your sector. Sector folders are named x_y. Make sure to write down the sector name (folder name) of each sector deleted (you will use this in step 2)

2. Update the terrain_info.def:
  1. Using file explorer, browse and open in a text editor: c:\Program Files\istaria\world_cache\<shardname>\terrain\terrain_info.def
  2. Find your previously deleted sector folders by searching on the bottom left corner of the sector in question. Each sector is 500 meters, so multiple the sector number by 500. For example, sector 56_57 would be float minX = 28000.000000 and minY = 28500.000000
  3. For each folder deleted in step 1, delete the corresponding entry in the terrain_info.def file
  4. Make sure that you write down the information "int ownerID = 4335" as you delete each sector (you will use this in step 3)

3. Delete the sector object file:
  1. Using file explorer, browse to: c:\Program Files\istaria\world_cache\<shardname>\
  2. For each ownerID that your wrote down in step 2.4, find the file named with the same ownerID: sector_<ownerID>.def
  3. Delete each sector object file
  4. You have now deleted the information related to a specific sector. If you have trouble, delete the entire world cache folder at c:\Program Files\istaria\world_cache\<shardname>

If you don't know your login or password, please send an email to [email protected],
along with possible email, login name or character names.

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