How to Reset Character Preferences

Resetting Your Preferences

You can reset the preferences of a specific character at any time through a few methods. Resetting of character preferences can be done to reset all options / window layout and chat setup.

Backing up Your Preferences
We strongly suggest you backup your existing preferences. Resetting your character preferences removes all character settings and resets everything back to default. Map markers, hot keys, window layout, etc. will be reset to default.

The prefs folder is located at:
c:\Program Files\Istaria\prefs

Each character has a unique set of preferences, so first identify which character's settings you want to reset.

After you have completed a reset of preferences and confirmed this resolves your issue, you may choose to selectivly restore some preferences (such as hot keys or map markers). Please see the "Description of Pref Files" section below.

From the Launcher
The launcher provides an easy method to reset character preferences. 

  1. Log in through the launcher
  2. Click the Troubleshoot button
  3. Check the Reset Global Prefs box and/or the Reset Character Prefs box. Take note that resetting Character Preferences will also reset your hot keys.
  4. Click Back
  5. Select the character and click Play
Each character has a unique set of preferences, so first identify what character's settings you want to reset.
  1. Browse to your Istaria install folder. Default is C:\Program Files\Istaria\
  2. Open the prefs folder
  3. Find the folder that is named shard_CharacterName - for example, a character on Blight with a name of Maya would appear blight_maya
  4. In this folder are several preference files - delete the appropriate file as detailed below (it's always a good idea to back up a file before you delete - you can drag any of the files below to your desktop or another safe place instead of deleting)
Description of Pref Files

ClientPrefs_Character.def - flags for enabling the tutorial, interface theme selection and enabling fly on fall feature
ClientPrefs_Controls.def - bindings to indicate what a key or mouse click will do
UICommunicationPrefs.def - chat channel preferences
UIHotkeys.def - short cut bar settings
UIKnowledge.def - arcane knowledge settings
UIPersonal.def - window layout
UITutorialFlags.def - settings to indicate what tutorials have been completed

When Istaria starts, it will load the defaults for any pref file missing.

General Preferences
You may want to consider resetting your general options as well. Please see this knowledge base article:

If you don't know your login or password, please send an email to [email protected],
along with possible email, login name or character names.

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