Reset Chat and Communication Settings

Resetting Communication Preferences

Istaria allows you to set up complex settings, allowing different various chat and message types to register in separate windows. While this provides great flexibility and customization, it can also become confusing if the preferences become mixed up.

Troubleshooting Chat
If you're not receiving chats, then it's possible you have tells / chat filtered. At least one tab needs to have unfiltered chats / tells so that NPC communication works. To resolve the issue, please:
1. View your chat preferences
2. Uncheck / Check the chat and tell channels. This will clear the filter.

Reset All Preferences
When you start the launcher and arrive at the character selection screen, click "Patcher Option." On that screen, you will see an option to Reset Game and Character Preferences; click that check box. Please note, this will reset ALL game options, including hotkeys as well as any other customizations you may have made.

Reset Only Communication Settings
If you want to only reset your chat window setup, please follow these manual steps:
  1. Using windows file explorer, browse to your Istaria install folder, usually c:\program files\Istaria
  2. Open your prefs folder
  3. Open the folder of the character that is experiencing difficulty
  4. Within this folder, you should see a file called "UICommunicationPrefs.def"
  5. Right-click that file, and select Delete to remove the file
  6. When Istaria is restarted, it will recreate the file with manual settings

With default settings restored, you are capable of reconfiguring the communication windows to your liking once more.

If you don't know your login or password, please send an email to [email protected],
along with possible email, login name or character names.

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