Skill Point Distribution

Skill Point Distribution

Every school has certain skills associated with it, both as skill points and attribute points. These points appear as a "Base" number when viewing the character's information pages. Skill points are cross-checked every time a character logs in, based on what schools they have, to ensure that abilities and spells can be used by the character each time he/she logs in.

Key Concepts

  • Prestige schools do not begin to accumulate points in any skill until level 21 (or later if the level requirement is higher than 20 to join the school). This applies to both Adventurer and Crafter schools.
  • Prestige schools with a skill requirement are usually the "breaking point" for skill point gains; the base school will no longer dictate how many skill points are gained per level. For example, the Reaver school requires 150 points in Spirit skill. Reavers begin to gain Spirit skill at level 21 at a rate of 8 per level, and thus the initial gain will increase Spirit to 158.
  • Skill points are also affected by any other, inactive schools a character has. The character won't gain skill points in the currently active school if he/she has already gained more in another school. To continue the previous example, if the character who is a level 21 Reaver is also a level 40 Spirit Disciple with 200 Spirit skill, the character won't experience any increases in Spirit skill until level 27 as a Reaver, when Spirit skill will then become 206.

Please note that while "Base" skills cannot be changed or reduced by items, augmentations, etc., the character's "Current" skill can. Spells and abilities which have a skill requirement associated with them are based on the character's Current skill, not Base skill, and thus may become temporarily unavailable due to a negative modification to skills.

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